SHOW: Humor, live and rock'n'roll


Once is not customary, rock invites itself on the stage of the Théâtre de la Chapelle this Saturday December 4 at 20 p.m.

Crazy comedy but based on proven facts, “The Stupefying History of Rock” is a show written by François Bry who will play the character of the educated while Christophe Margalejo will take on the role of the novice. The two actors will take you on a journey through time, retracing the history of rock from the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus to Nirvana. Guitars in hand, these two passionate musicians will intersperse their game of questions and answers with musical interludes crossing styles such as blues, jazz, boogie-woogie or even the famous rock'n'roll whose fame is no longer to be found. to prove. The music class promises to be funny, entertaining and informative… Artistic trends have proven to us on several occasions to be the perfect reflections of society. As a novice, the character played by Christophe Margalejo has plenty of questions to ask in the preparation of his thesis on the influence of ABBA on the Sex Pistols. This is without counting on his learned friend who not only will provide him with many answers but will also reveal many true anecdotes on big names in rock history such as Elvis, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. As François Bry says so well “we think we say a lot of bullshit because people laugh but everything is true! ". The former music teacher had the idea of ​​this comedy against a musical background during one of his lessons where he explained the history of rock to his students, one of his students then suggested that he do a masterclass interspersed with 'musical excerpts that François would perform himself. The first notes were then written. The actor-musician is impatient to present this show to the public of Saint Martin after two long years of waiting due to the health crisis. The piece is nevertheless established, François Bry and Christophe Margalejo have performed more than a hundred times in metropolitan France in the past, making “The Stupefying History of Rock” an unforgettable experience for any self-respecting music lover. _VX


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