Solidarity: An Allier company asked to participate in the reconstruction of the electricity network


The company Stradal, based in Avermes, is currently producing concrete posts intended for the reconstruction of the electrical network of Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin.

The mobilization for the victims of hurricanes Irma and Maria, which devastated the Antilles at the beginning of September, is taking place even in the factories of Allier. Indeed, the company Stradal, specialized in the production of concrete poles for power lines, was asked by EDF Guadeloupe to participate in the reconstruction of the electricity network of the affected islands.

Life-size tetris

Last Tuesday, while their colleagues continued production, two employees were busy loading the fourth container from Avermes.

With the help of the director of the company, Joao Marques, the constraint consisted in holding posts 12 meters long on a platform of… 12 meters. Enough to carry out a life-size game of Tetris and a few maneuvers before finding the solution.

From Avermes, the poles will now reach the port of Le Havre bound for Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin.

Lighter posts

The Avermoise company was selected for its responsiveness and its ability to produce light posts.

"Our posts are produced using a prestressing technique that optimizes the weight of the containers," says Joao Marques. With a steel reinforcement, these structures resist a stress of 65 tonnes, compared to 25 for conventional posts.

In order to respond to this urgent request, the team of six has grown with the recruitment of three temporary workers. The company has also adapted its molds to produce poles 10 to 12 meters high, suitable for mountain areas. A mission that the team carries out with a spirit of mutual aid more than an economic aim. “Like everyone else, we saw the disaster on television and of course we were moved. We carry out this order rather with a dash of humanity than as a simple increase of the activity ”, testifies the head of company.

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