SOLIDARITY: All with Cali!


A 12-year-old girl living in Saint-Martin, named Cali, was recently diagnosed with leukemia. A close friend of the parents, Aurélie and Yohann, opened a Leetchi fundraiser to help them during this ordeal in order to provide support and comfort to the young fighter.

“We were devastated to learn that Aurélie and Yohann’s 2nd daughter, Cali 12 years old, a joyful child, full of life, always positive and fighting, was suffering from leukemia. After weeks of fatigue, unsuccessful appointments with the doctor, without complaint, a blood test revealed several abnormalities. From the Saint-Martin hospital, to medical evacuation to Martinique then to Lyon, all this in less than a week, without really being able to realize, the family found themselves separated, torn, without having been able to speak to each other. see again and without knowing when they will be reunited again. Aurélie is in Lyon with Cali and Yohann with her other daughter, Loanne, in Saint-Martin. Living thousands of kilometers away does not make the process easier. If this prize pool could help them reunite as a family, even a message of support will make the difference. Thank you all for being there. All with Cali! » explains Thierry Deblangey, a friend of the family who has many in the region. The entire Faxinfo editorial team supports Cali and his family in this fight against the disease. Courage, little warrior. _VX

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