Solidarity: The Association "Saint-Martin Uni" helps an elderly person in Cul-de-Sac


On Friday April 27, the Saint-Martin Uni association cleared Mme H.'s garden in Cul-de-Sac.

Aged and sick, she still lives in her house very damaged by Irma: only one room is livable today thanks to the intervention of volunteers who made it secure and waterproof, the rest of the house is not habitable ( roof and windows torn off…). Many trees were uprooted by the cyclone and thrown along his house, blocking access to his tank, among other things. Without running water since the cyclone passed, Ms. H.'s daily life was difficult and precarious. The association Saint-Martin Uni, alerted by one of its members, went to locate the site and an intervention was decided.

A team of 4 people went on site on Friday, April 27 to clear Ms. H.'s garden. A few hours of intense work and several trips by dump truck to the Ecosite made it possible to finally clear Ms. H.'s tank and cleaning the garden prey to pests for months. A small action that will considerably improve Ms. H.'s daily life

Saint Martin and its inhabitants need you. If you want to help the people of Saint-Martin, join the Saint-Martin Uni association.

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