Solidarity: The MadTwoz Family Association is organizing a big toy drive for Christmas!


Less than two weeks before the arrival of Santa Claus, the MadTwoz Family Association is organizing a large collection of toys in favor of  children from the poorest families. We count on you !

"We ask all the population to come to the aid of our association for the annual organization of the Christmas party in the district of Sandy Ground", underlines one of its members.  Our goal is to organize a great Christmas village! "

Everyone can help as best they can. Whether it is by offering a gift, a pack of fruit juice, cakes or simply by sharing information as much as possible.

“So that every child can experience the magic of Christmas, be generous. If you have stuffed animals, dolls, children's games, board games, we suggest that you drop off your donations to the Madtwoz Family association. It's for a good cause !

At the same time, a food drive will also be set up to distribute food during the Christmas party. Thank you in advance for your generosity! _AF

Examples of donations:

- Bottles of water 

- Fruit juice packs

- Cakes 

- Snacks (Chips, cookies, etc.)

- Ice cream

- Treats

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