SOLIDARITY / National Days of the Red Cross: a great quest organized in Saint-Martin


To support its actions, the French Red Cross organizes a major national quest every year which takes place during the National Days of the French Red Cross. This year, these days will take place from Saturday 3 to Sunday 11 June 2023.

More than 60 volunteers will go everywhere in France, including overseas territories, to meet citizens to inform them about the actions carried out and appeal to their solidarity and generosity towards people living in precariousness.

The resources of the French Red Cross depend for the most part on private funds! The generosity of the public is therefore vital to carry out actions with the poor on our territory.

In Saint-Martin, these people can benefit from food and hygiene products, clothing, shoes, etc. offered by the Concordia Day Reception Center/Hygiene Point team, three times a week, or by the Mobile team. of Social Intervention. Other missions are carried out by the establishments of the French Red Cross.

“Aware of the challenges of these National Days for those we help, and wishing to mobilize all goodwill, we are counting on you to meet the expectations of volunteers”, underlines Ketty Karam, president of the Territorial Delegation of Saint-Martin, before adding "all these volunteers will be provided with cards authorizing them to act in the name of the French Red Cross".

Be generous, it's for a good cause! _AF

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