SOCIETY: Violence against women: let's break the silence


Last week, the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales de la Guadeloupe et de Saint Martin (CAF) organized the 5th edition of "Brisons Le Silence", an annual action as part of the international day for the fight against violence against women.

It is in the heart of Villa Gumbs in La Savane that 50 women and 30 children victims of domestic violence met for a day dedicated to well-being and sports and artistic activities. Each year, under the direction of CAF social workers in collaboration with Le Manteau, the association behind the project, the "Brisons Le Silence" event is reserved for women followed by the two structures in order to inform them and raise their awareness of the dramatic consequences from which children may suffer in the event of intra-family violence, as well as the existing systems with the aim of supporting and accompanying them if they suffer this hell. In total benevolence and enormous solidarity, the women were thus able to enjoy a breakfast together in order to strengthen family ties and then taste the joy of creating a painting, of indulging in theatrical improvisation, of exchanging in peace with the representatives of the police and the voluntary sector, to have their makeup done and photographed or even to dance around the swimming pool taken over by the children, whose presence was a great first for this 2022 edition. .

The president and founder of the association Cobraced Audrey Claxton, godmother of the event, did not fail to remind these women whose life has not always been kind to them that their strength must remain intact. Placing the family and self-esteem at the heart of attention, the "Brisons Le Silence" action offered a secure and supportive environment to women who took full advantage of the activities put in place. Through art, the participants were able to express their feelings and their experience, in a touching momentum of sisterhood. Speech was freed up, for women but also for children. The 5th edition of "Brisons Le Silence" will have contributed in its measure to putting an end to this violence which must be a priority and a matter for everyone thanks to the teams of CAF, Le Manteau, partners such as Trait d'Union and the house of protection for families and service providers, but above all it was an unforgettable day for these unique women and their children. _Vx

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