COMPANY: New nautical center: a €10,5M project


The executive council of Saint-Martin approved an ambitious financing plan for the construction of a nautical center. This project, essential for the island, aims to meet several crucial needs.

Saint-Martin, surrounded by water, requires infrastructure to learn to swim safely. Compliant with the legal requirements of the educational program, this nautical center will allow residents, especially the youngest, to master the art of swimming in a controlled environment. In addition, it will encourage sports practice, which is beneficial for the health of residents. A feasibility study will determine the optimal location for this project, guaranteeing accessibility for all. The initial budget of €7M was revised upwards due to the increase in construction costs and changes to the subsidies awarded. The new budget of €10,5 million will be financed to the tune of €4,6 million by the 2019-2023 Convergence Contract and €5,9 million by the COM. The project, scheduled to be completed in 24 months, represents a major step forward for the development of the island, promising a safer and healthier future for its residents. _VX

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