SOCIETY: Firefighters on strike against the vaccine obligation


The firefighters of Saint-Martin are following the national strike movement: they are opposed to the compulsory vaccination within their profession and to the implementation of the health pass. The SXM resistance movement, created last July, wanted to support them and together they held a press conference in front of the barracks at La Savane on Wednesday.

“One of the pillars of our republic is undermined: freedom. Today we demand that we be vaccinated and tomorrow what will it be? Vaccination must remain a personal choice ”, wants to admit one of the members of the movement.

For their part, the firefighters of Saint-Martin are also opposed to the vaccination obligation and also want the authorities to leave the choice. “Everyone has the right to be vaccinated or not. We must be allowed to decide our person, ”they say.

Today "the percentage of unvaccinated firefighters is higher than the percentage of vaccinated firefighters," said a firefighter without giving the exact figures. Although on strike, the firefighters do not want to block the population and will carry out actions in a peaceful manner. If they are not expected, they can however harden their movement.


• Meeting in the prefecture this Friday

SXM Resistance has also created a citizen collective for the transparency of Saint-Martin (CCT Saint-Martin). As such, he must meet this Friday with the prefect, the directors of the regional health agency and the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center as well as an infectious disease specialist. The collective has prepared a series of questions whose answers will make it possible to "know if they correspond to reality and if the measures applied are proportional to the reality of a covid pandemic in Saint-Martin". The document was sent to the prefecture on Monday.


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