Society: Economic players unite to "denounce the strike notice"!


We, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, CCISM, Tourist Office and socio-professional associations of Saint-Martin AHSM - FIPCOM - FERCOM - BTP - SMUTA - AEC - AISM - APACH, we unite to denounce the strike notice launched by certain unions and collectives.

While the territory is gradually recovering from the passage of cyclone Irma, the economic and tourist recovery requires social stability and calls for the unity of all the living forces of the territory. 

The efforts of the past 18 months, brought by all the local actors to revive Saint-Martin, cannot be endangered by a strike which is in no way a reflection of the ambition and resilience of the population of Saint-Martinoise. 

Aware that reconstruction is a pivotal and difficult stage for all, we oppose any attempts to stir up social, community and political tensions and to destabilize the territory. Saint-Martin must get up as quickly as possible with calm and dignity. 

Let us remain united for Saint-Martin and continue to advance together to rebuild our island. 


Collectivity of Saint-Martin - Interprofessional Consular Chamber of Saint-Martin CCISM - Tourist office of Saint-Martin - Association of hoteliers of Saint-Martin AHSM - Interprofessional Federation FIPCOM - Federation of FERCOM restaurateurs - Association of BTP - Association of Taxis Saint- Martin United Taxi Association SMUTA - Association of Merchants of Marigot Economic and Citizen Action AEC - Association of Indians of Saint-Martin AISM - Association of Professionals, Craftsmen, Traders of Howell Center APACH. 

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