SOCIETY: The testimony of a victim of domestic violence (continued)


“I was his prey. He was like a cat with a mouse, ”she manages to say to herself. One day he beat her so badly that she ended up filing a complaint with the gendarmerie. The same evening, she returned there and withdrew her complaint: "He begged me to remove it so as not to lose his job".

The complaint withdrawn, the relationship does not improve. A few months later, she was struck by a second electric shock. “It was the last straw”.

She first went to see the Trait d'Union victim assistance association and then returned to the gendarmerie. “I needed time. I needed to rest. When I left him, I was in the mist, ”she explains.

If she went to lodge a complaint, it is so that "[she is] recognized as a victim". "So that my victim status is recognized," she insists. "I testify to give strength to other women victims, so that these women denounce their ordeal and be believed", she underlines. She has heard too many people around her commenting, "But if it's really true, why didn't she leave him sooner?" "Because it's not that simple," we are no longer in reality, we love our companion who turns into an executioner, we feel guilty "she wants to answer them.

“Today I am no longer afraid of him. Don't be afraid anymore. Denounce your executioners! shame must change sides! ”she blurted out, proud of herself and of her journey since her complaint.

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