SOCIETY: Cybersecurity, a subject not to be taken lightly


In this Cybersecurity month, the CCISM is mobilizing this October 19 at 18 p.m. to support local business leaders in their digital transformation and strengthen the security of their digital future.

Why talk about Cybersecurity?

The need for a digital transition is no longer an option, but an imperative necessity for economic prosperity. Digital transformation helps improve efficiency, explore new opportunities and stay competitive in the global market. However, this also comes with unprecedented security challenges. CCISM is committed to guiding businesses through these challenges and helping them implement robust cybersecurity measures. “The CCISM is committed to providing businesses with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the digital age while guaranteeing the protection of their data, which also includes customer data. Our program for cybersecurity month reflects our dedication to the sustainable economic development of our territory” explains Luciana Raspail, administrative and business support manager CCISM


CCISM Cybersecurity Month

Faced with the rapid evolution of the digital environment, the CCISM is investing in helping companies navigate this complex world while preserving the security of their data and their operations. With this in mind, a range of initiatives are planned throughout the month, including webinars, a special Cyber ​​Security Guavaberry Networking, and the provision of practical sheets.

“The main objective of our actions is to raise awareness among entrepreneurs of the crucial importance of cybersecurity in the modern business world. Cyberattacks have become commonplace, and no business is safe. It is essential to understand the risks and prepare to face them,” says Oliver Gibbons, business support manager.


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