SOCIETY: National Resilience Day at the CCISM


Last Thursday, October 13, after an educational morning organized at the Lycée Robert Weinum in La Savane as part of the National Day of Resilience, the action "All resilient in the face of risks" continued for the general public at the CCISM.

As a reminder, the National Day of Resilience (JRN) aims to raise awareness, inform and acculturate all citizens to the risks that surround them, in a logic of practical exercises and with the aim of contributing to the preparation of all for good behavior in the event of a disaster. The “All resilient to risks” operation, the first part of which was held at the Robert Weinum school complex for all second-year classes with an exhibition, a conference-debate and Red Cross information stands, firefighters and territorial police, relocated to the CCISM in the afternoon for the second part open to the general public. This action was organized by Fabienne Monmarson, Head of the Security Service and Deputy to the Director of Services of the Cabinet of the Prefecture, with two speakers from Météo France: Jean-Noël Degrace, international expert in hydrometeorological risk management, member of the permanent commission "Disaster Risk Reduction" of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and president of the group of world experts on the interoperability of Early Warning Services who presented the section on cyclones to the ten people and Carole Berthod, postdoctoral specialist in earthquakes, magmas and volcanoes which is responsible for seismic and volcanic risks with the introduction of the definition of risk: hazard (probability that a danger occurs) x issues (city or country) x vulnerability. According to the two experts, Saint-Martin remains the territory most at risk in the Caribbean arc in terms of major hurricanes. The assembly made up of socio-professionals and actors directly concerned by the culture of risk did not lack attention in front of the complete and detailed presentations of the two speakers. Jean-Noël Degrace took the time to develop in detail the chapter on cyclones, a theme familiar to the territory of Saint-Martin, especially since the calendar always places us in the hurricane season. From 14 p.m. to 16 p.m., the public present learned everything there is to know about cyclones (swell and cyclonic wind, storm surge, rise in sea level, etc.) and earthquakes, but also everything that affects weather forecasts, a key player in the prevention and preparation for natural disasters, as well as real-time information and controlled communication. Concerning the tools available to measure the rain available to Meteo France, there is, at present, only the radar of Guadeloupe which makes it possible to calculate the quantity of rain fallen on Saint-Martin, the Guadeloupe radar being located at more than 200km from the island, it is often difficult to determine precisely this measurement. By November of this year, a meteorological radar will be installed on the territory in partnership with the Collectivity and Sint Maarten thanks to European funds. Meteo France is already involved in the specifications and identified as the beneficiary of all real-time data. _Vx

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