SOCIETY: Liberal nurses organize themselves into a union 


At the beginning of June, the Collective of liberal nurses expressed its dissatisfaction with the signing by the General Social Security Fund (CGSS) of Guadeloupe, on May 13, of an agreement with the nursing unions. Agreement which was part of a national convention.  

This decision went back to a circular obtained in 2015 which allowed liberal nurses from Saint-Martin to charge €3,15 for any trip of more than 2,5 km. The Saint-Martin Collective also denounced the absence of a Saint-Martin representative at the time of the signing because there was no Saint-Martin union body. However, the CGSS is only authorized to negotiate with unions. 

Since July 12, the members of the Collective have therefore created a union, the Territorial Union of Saint-Martin of Liberal Nurses (UTSIIL). "We are still in combat", indicates Malory Bordas, president of UTSIIL. "We have therefore created our local nursing union to continue our efforts to maintain the 2015 agreement. For the moment, we have no official feedback from the CGSS Guadeloupe". Without progress, UTSIIL even evokes the possibility of going to court. “We are 37 union members out of 52 practitioners”. 

Will they be able to assert their claims? "It must be a union affiliated with a representative union at the national level", answers the CGSS. For the time being, UTSIIL is not affiliated but has contacted the Convergence union. 

The agreement of May 13 had been “taken following a decision of the administrative court which canceled the circular of 2015”, indicated the CGSS. “Professionals from Guadeloupe had taken the case to court”. Considering that there was a breach of equality between the two territories since Guadeloupeans did not have access to travel billing systems, the CGSS “took advantage of national negotiations to put things straight”. At the time, the Collective explained that this decision “represents a big shortfall. For example, for a blood test, not including travel, we only have €4,40 left in our pocket”._pc

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