SOCIETY: New workshops for future parents in hospital maternity ward


The Birth and Parenthood Preparation workshop as well as the childcare workshop for future parents working at the Center Hospitalier Louis-Constant were officially inaugurated in the maternity department.

The women in the hospital's maternity ward are known for their motivation and creativity. In June 2022, two midwives, Jocia Joly and Océane Blairon, launched the Preparation for Birth and Parenthood project with the aim of informing, supporting and guiding future parents, whether the mother like the father, in their new life. In a room fitted out for this purpose, future mothers, in pairs or in pairs, are welcomed by professionals in order to explain to them, for example, the course of a natural birth. With this project, which aims to fight against preconceived ideas and to gain autonomy before the baby's arrival, validated by the management and the doctors, the hospital is part of a process of support for internal initiatives. The investment of the neonatology department and the pediatric department confirms the enthusiasm aroused by the workshops, including the birth and parenthood preparation project, which has seen 49 couples visit since its launch.

The sessions, in French, English and Spanish, are reimbursed up to seven sessions by social security via the maternity package. Thanks to concrete tools such as dolls, diapers, baby bottles, exercise balls and a touch screen offered by Dr. Marjorie Boulogne in gratitude for her stay at the maternity ward, the professionals can more easily demonstrate the gestures to adopt. The childcare workshop set up in April 2022 by Marie Line Darasse Gournet, of the Maternité Active association, completes the support offer for new parents. Having received 230 people in the family lounge, including 50 dads since its creation, Marie Line animates this workshop with passion by recreating situations "just like at home": bathing the baby, putting it to bed, understanding and managing crying, importance of skin-to-skin, raising awareness of shaken baby syndrome and the neurological repercussions on newborns. This workshop also allows new mothers to meet women who already have children, the sharing of experience is always moving, in a reassuring environment. And to fill in the last gray areas, an explanatory flyer created by Marie-France Darasse Gournet, Marie Line's sister, is distributed to the participants. During the official inauguration of these two workshops last Friday in the presence, among others, of Marie Lampis, director of the hospital, Doctor Louis Jeffry, head of the gynecology-obstetrics department, and Christelle Nerzic, the director of care, congratulations and encouragement were rightly in order. _VX

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