COMPANY: € 1,27 million in disaster aid paid by the Fondation de France (2/5)


At the end of August of this year, 9 million euros in donations collected by the Fondation de France had been used in Saint-Martin, part of which was for disaster relief.

Of the 19 projects thus funded, 14 were carried out in Saint-Martin by 11 structures for a total amount of € 1 million.

The most expensive project financed is the Ecureuil project (food and material aid in the form of vouchers) led by the Red Cross which has benefited 500 families for an amount of 300 euros.

The Cobraced association benefited from 140 euros to set up, in two phases, Symbiosis, a support system for young people and disadvantaged families.

Trait d'Union, the local association for helping victims, received 100 euros to manage the reception and support of victims.

The project for the creation of a disability center by the Tournesol association was funded to the tune of 100 euros.

In addition to the 500 euros for the treatment of victims in mainland France, France Victimes benefited from 000 euros to help the victims in Saint-Martin.

The ARS benefited from 108 euros to finance a “post-crisis health plan for the treatment of psychotrauma” in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barth.

(to be continued in our next edition: the distribution of aid for economic recovery.

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