Social: A “chateau life” for victims of Saint-Martin


Lodged for weeks in hotels in the Paris region, 166 Saint Martin returnees have been offered a temporary solution.

They have just moved into castles set up as boarding schools, in a town in the Oise, 35 km north of Paris.

Castles surrounded by 30 hectares of woods and gardens, 200 m from the center of the small town of Coye-la-Forêt: this is the description of the Domaine des Trois Châteaux which welcomes voluntary refugees. Victims affected by the passage of Irma, the trip to Paris, and the interminable wait in hotels with a view of the Orly slopes. Until losing her health, as Sonia recounts: “Fortunately a doctor came by (Editor's note: who also came from Saint-Martin) and gave me a prescription. I was really stressed, I had a stomach ache, a headache, a coccyx… I am happy to leave the hotel and especially to know that my two children will be going to school soon, but we were not told. nothing said for the rest. My goal is to find my home, to evolve, to train in the field of early childhood. ”

Collective housing 

In the Oise, there will be a choice between individual rooms and dormitories, but all will end up in the refectories. A group life that begins to distress Schubert. He is one of the few men to have been repatriated with his wife and three children. “We decided to come here, because there are always natural disasters in the Caribbean. We will try to adapt. We would have preferred to have each our accommodation, because we all come from Saint-Martin, but that is not a reason for all of us to get together ”!

Sure those will not leave each other for several months. Their offspring will even be educated within the establishment confirms the unlabeled mayor of Coye-la-forêt, François Deshayes: "The academy inspector will make teachers available for the primary school on site. I understand there are about 90 children. ”

Direction college and lycée…

For older children in middle and high school, they will be distributed in those around, in Lamorlaye (3 km) and Chantilly (7 km), depending on places and buses. Yves, 17, the son of Yvonise, will finally be able to start his ES terminal. “I am very happy, admits the latter. We were eager to hear this news. We will be able to have an address, take steps, resume classes ”!_AF

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