Sint Maarten: New Planning Timeline for Juliana Airport Terminal Reconstruction Project


The Board of Directors of the Princess Juliana NV International Airport Operating Company (PJIAE) has informed its stakeholders, the Council of Ministers, the Steering Committee, the National Turnaround Project Office (BNIP) and the Bank of the adjusted planning of the airport terminal reconstruction project, due to unexpected additional works.

During the demolition of the terminal building, Ballast Nedam International Projects (BNIP) discovered that the fire retardant paint, on the interior steel structure, due to prolonged exposure to water after the 2017 hurricanes, began to s flake off and deteriorate. All steel beams should be prepped and painted with new fire retardant paint. This repair is a critical safety feature for the airport terminal and is part of the building code to protect passengers and employees at the facilities. The PJIAE Board of Directors and the BNIP therefore developed a new project plan.

Based on this new plan, the departures hall will be completed before the start of the 2023 – 2024 season. The new arrivals and ticket hall will follow in the second quarter of 2024. The net impact of the substantial increase in extent of fire-retardant paint repairs and difficulties in finding sufficient labor is a 7-month extension of the project duration, based on a calculation by BNIP. The extension and additional works impact the price by $10-15 million, which is 7-10% of the total reconstruction project budget of $154,5 million, including $89 million for the main contract. The equipment packages, together with the administrative costs, make up the difference. _AF


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