SINT MAARTEN / The black series continues: the pilot of a motorcycle in a very critical condition after hitting a car in Dutch Quarter


Over the past few days, the Sint Maarten Police Force Traffic Department has dealt with several accidents of vehicles causing serious injury.

One of these serious accidents occurred on Sunday January 15 at around 21:30 p.m. in the Dutch Quarter. Police have been informed that a motorcyclist was seriously injured after crashing into a car.

Preliminary investigation indicates that the driver of the vehicle was driving recklessly and circling on the main road in Dutch Quarter. Simultaneously, the rider of a motorcycle was using the road recklessly by engaging in stunts and wheelies. The two vehicles then collided head-on with a violent impact.

Seriously injured, the motorcycle rider was transferred to Sint Maarten Medical Center in very critical condition.

The motorbike involved in the collision was removed from the scene before police patrols or paramedics arrived on the scene. The traffic police department warns the public that such removal is tampering with evidence, a punishable offense.

Police remind all road users, especially motorbike and scooter riders and motorists, that road/street racing is illegal resulting in serious injury or death.

The police have every intention of severely repressing road users who do not respect the rules of good conduct, thereby putting the lives of others in danger.

Many controls are to be expected in the coming days to fight against road insecurity which is becoming a real scourge on the island. _AF

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