SINT MAARTEN: Simpson Bay deck cockpit damaged by mega-yacht


Three years after the Simpson Bay deck cabin was destroyed by a superyacht entering the lagoon with a hatch left open, this same cockpit was damaged again last Sunday by a mega-yacht. Definitely...

The 43,4m long mega-yacht was crossing the Simpson Bay Bridge after it opened at 17pm when it struck the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority (SLAC) pilothouse.

Rebuilt only a year ago, the cabin suffered severe structural damage. The wires leading to the operating consoles were also damaged. Fortunately, the bridge operator was not injured in the crash.

Port Sint Maarten Group (PSG) personnel have conducted a preliminary assessment and have determined that bridge operations can nevertheless continue as normal from the engine room.

The planned openings of the inbound and outbound bridges for maritime traffic remain unchanged. However, motorists are invited to pay attention to the closing booms of the bridges, to respect the red lights and to follow the instructions given by the staff of the SLAC during the opening operations._AF

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