Sint Maarten (News story): Deadly armed robbery: Dutch police call for witnesses


In the early afternoon of Sunday, a man died after being shot by an individual who attempted to steal his scooter.

The victim was seated on his two-wheeler in front of the entrance to a supermarket in Simpson Bay when a youth approached him. Armed, the latter pointed the gun at the victim and asked him to give him his scooter. For reasons that the police have not yet specified, a gunshot was fired wounding the owner of the two-wheeler who died a few minutes later despite attempts to resuscitate the emergency services. Then the gunman stole the scooter and fled.

Sint Maarten police are calling for witnesses to find the suspect whose photo was taken from surveillance camera images. Anyone likely to bring elements, can contact the police at +1 721-542 22 22 ext. 204 or 205. It is also possible to leave a message on the Facebook page of the Police Force of Sint Maarten.

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