SINT MAARTEN: Two suspects arrested in fatal shooting of car wash employee


Residents of Sister Modesta Road and the Simpson Bay area witnessed a large-scale police operation at dawn on Tuesday January 31.

After their apartment was searched, two men were arrested in connection with the shooting death of a man near a car wash on Sister Modesta Road on August 17, 2022.

Dozens of police were dispatched to the scene where the victim was found last year. A man was shot in broad daylight around 14 p.m. and died shortly after being shot in the upper body. Detectives searched the car wash premises again on Tuesday morning, in the presence of the prosecutor.

The police also searched a nearby apartment. Two men in handcuffs were led outside and taken away by law enforcement. Inside the apartment, officers found weapons, drugs and cash.

The two new suspects in the case dubbed "Hexagon" have been confirmed to be well-known people in the community.

The two individuals arrested on Tuesday, allegedly two brothers, have been remanded in custody pending further investigation into their role in the murder case. _AF

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