Sint Maarten: two men injured in a shooting


Last Friday evening, March 10, two men were brought to the Sint Maarten medical center for gunshot wounds to the leg. Informed, the police of the Dutch side went to the scene.

The patrols sent to the health establishment were unable to question the victims who were injured by a gunshot, and were then taken care of by the medical staff. Thanks to outside information indicating that the incident took place at Ginger Road in the Little Bay district, specialists from the forensic department were dispatched to the area, confirming the crime scene.

After being able to question the hospitalized victims, the law enforcement agents discovered that the two protagonists had proceeded on the evening in question to the sale of a scooter which went wrong. The alleged suspect then allegedly robbed the two men by shooting them in the legs.

The lives of the two victims are not in danger. The police are taking advantage of this unfortunate incident to remind the population to be particularly vigilant when buying or selling goods on social networks. Several people were assaulted during the face-to-face transaction after doing business online. Caution is in order. _Vx

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