SINT MAARTEN: Road crime and the fight against drugs: the Dutch police step up controls!


The Sint Maarten police special operations team carried out several traffic checks in the territory last week. Operations intended to strengthen public security and maintain public order.

The operations took place in several sectors of the island and mainly concerned road checks, as well as the fight against narcotics. No less than 110 cars and 8 scooters and motorcycles were checked. Two scooters were seized for non-compliance with technical regulations.

In addition, the police also provided education to 25 drivers regarding tinted vehicle windows.

In total, 70 tickets were issued for various offenses, and the police also got their hands on 114 grams of narcotics.

Law enforcement carried out the extensive checks in the areas of Back Street, Hope Estate, Middle Region, Maho, Cay-Bay and Melford Hazel Sport Park on Soualiga Road, locations known for the illegal drug trade.

These operations will be renewed regularly to fight against drug-related crimes, local authorities warn.  _AF

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