SINT MAARTEN: Many seized scooters will soon be destroyed!


In recent years, the Sint Maarten police have seized a number of scooters and had them impounded due to their non-compliance with the technical requirements stipulated by law.

On several occasions, requests have been broadcast in the media for the owners of these scooters to collect their two-wheelers by providing the necessary documents.

However, with the exception of a few owners, few of them got their scooters back, resulting in their confiscation.

The government of Sint Maarten has now decided that the confiscated scooters will be handed over to a company to be crushed, police said in a press release last Thursday, January 5.

Owners who have seen their two-wheeler confiscated can still go to the police station, contact the team leaders and provide them with the necessary documents to recover their scooter. Provided you act quickly, the destruction of the seized scooters being scheduled for the next few days. On good terms… _AF

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