Entrepreneurship Week: An important event to renew


Recently, Entrepreneurship Week took place, an event organized at national level by Pôle Emploi. Saint-Martin was not left behind for this event, which consisted of offering information to the public registered with Pôle Emploi, with a view to raising their awareness of the steps necessary to set up to effectively structure their project.

Several participants intervened, in particular the ADIE (Association for the right to economic initiative) in order to explain possible funding, P + Consultants for ultra-reinforced support for people who are already in the process of starting a business. , the Cités Lab system, which is more focused on initiating projects, and the Saint-Martin Active Initiative, which presented its objectives, the help it can provide in terms of creating the structure and funding.

Several themes were discussed such as the preliminary actions to be carried out before launching, how to establish a market study, the advice to successfully undertake, the implementation of an action plan to make your project a reality, the presentation of the different types of existing funding, or how to do business differently with the ESS (Social and Solidarity Economy).

An Entrepreneurship Week that worked well, since people mobilized for the creation of businesses following this event, ensures the platform Initiative Saint-Martin Active. The audience that moved was varied and ranged from the person who had an idea for a project, to the already registered entrepreneur, in an age group that ranged from 24 to 55 years old. According to the participants, this event is a good initiative and should be repeated.


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