ROAD SAFETY: Stop the irresponsible and dangerous behavior of some motorists on the road to Bellevue!


This is behavior that many motorists have already witnessed on the road to Bellevue, which is often congested during rush hour. Some smart guys, more in a hurry than the others, don't hesitate to overtake when passing through the right-hand lane most often taken by cyclists, or even runners doing their daily jog.

A maneuver not only prohibited but above all extremely dangerous, as can be seen in the attached photos. Several motorists, unaware of the danger, do not hesitate to veer off to the right to gain a few meters. Big anything!

As a reminder, these crazy drivers who endanger the lives of others risk a 4th class fine of 90 euros as well as the withdrawal of 3 points on their driving license. Still, these sanctions do not seem to worry them more than that. Until the day a serious accident occurs... _AF

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