SECURITY: More than one car theft recorded per day in the French part


480 car thefts were recorded by the gendarmerie company of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy in 2019.

144 car thefts were found in addition in 2019 by the gendarmerie company of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy compared to 2018, an increase of 42%. A total of 480 cars were declared stolen in the French part, or 1,3 made per day. This figure has never been so high since 2012, it exceeds that of 2013, a year which already recorded a record with 418 stolen cars and an increase of 49% in one year.

The company of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy is the fifth company of gendarmerie in France recorded a high rate.

In the gendarmerie zone throughout the national territory, Saint-Martin is the 23rd department observing the most car thefts in 2019.

In the Dutch part, the Sint Maarten prosecutor's office indicated that 141 car thefts had been recorded last year, which is 3,4 times less than in the French part.

If we consider the gendarmerie and police zones, Saint-Martin ranks 43rd among the departments where cars are the most stolen.

Unlike car thefts, those of two-wheelers are down in the French part with 132 incidents recorded in 2019, i.e. 51 two-wheelers stolen less compared to 2018.

Concerning thefts of vehicle accessories, they are up compared to 2018 or 2016 (+ 6%).

Note: the figures used in the article come from the government database, supplied by the police and gendarmerie. (


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