SECURITY: 8% increase in delinquency in the first half


Over the first six months of the year, 1 crimes and misdemeanors were recorded by the gendarmerie company of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy on the two islands*. This is 363 facts more than in the second half of 103 (+2021%). The activity of the first half of this year represents 8,17% of the volume processed in 46.

Thefts of cars and two-wheelers are the main facts observed: with 223 thefts, they represent 16,3% of the offenses recorded between January and June. While scooter thefts are stable (47 compared to 46 in the second half of 2021), vehicle thefts have increased by 32,3% (+ 43 thefts).

Voluntary assault and battery is the second type of crime and misdemeanor handled by the company, representing 13,4% of activity. 183 cases were opened between January and June, ie 32 more than during the previous semester.

An upsurge in armed robberies was observed in May and June with 7 and 8 incidents recorded respectively, compared to 1 to 3 between January and April. 

In the first six months of the year, 26 VAMAs were committed. Burglaries are also up slightly over the half-year: 56 against 51.

The number of threats or blackmail remained stable with 97 cases dealt with (+5). They represent just over 7% of the company's business volume.

Two homicides were committed, one in February and the second in May (+1 over the semester) as well as thirteen attempted homicides (-1 over the semester).

Finally, eleven rapes, including six on minors, were brought to the attention of the gendarmes between January and June, ie 3 more (on minors) than during the previous semester. 

* According to figures published by the Ministry of the Interior. (

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