SECURITY / Call 17!


The authorities invite the population to report to the gendarmerie any violation of the environmental code and other illegal acts.

In a press conference last Tuesday on the balance sheet of delinquency, the prefect Sylvie Feucher insisted on the violations made to the environment code. Recently, she witnessed the dumping of waste into the wild in Galleon by a contractor, she contacted the gendarmes who arrested her. And to encourage people to do like her, to contact the gendarmerie when they witness such facts.

In general, Captain Thierry Verres invites the public to dial 17 as soon as they see someone committing an offense or to report facts that seem abnormal to them. It can be a dumping of garbage in nature, but also violence against a child, a woman, mistreatment on an animal, excessive speed on water, etc. "Recently, the speed excessive jet skiing at sea in Saint-Barthélemy has been reported. The rental company was quickly identified and its approval was withdrawn, a jet ski rental company is responsible for the way in which its customers operate the equipment, ”explained the prefect.

"People see a lot of things but do not report them," said the captain of the gendarmerie. “As soon as they witness something, we have to do the 17th!” He repeats. "Gendarmes will be sent and investigations will be carried out", he assures us.


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  1. archival February 18, 2019 at 17:30 am Reply

    We ask the population to do the work of the gendarmes who receive orders to do nothing by the Prefecture, it's the world upside down .... the island is drifting (see the edito of jp fischer in the week of Friday) .Remission of the State which does not want waves?

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