Security / Assessment of the surveillance of the Heineken Regatta by the French authorities


Saint-Martin has just experienced the 40th edition of the now famous "Heineken Regatta" from March 5 to 8, 2020. Nearly 150 ships divided into 17 categories thus participated in this competition while sailing on the water of Saint Martin.

Concerning the maritime surveillance operations during the regattas, in addition to the Territorial Unit of St Martin / St Barthélemy of the Direction of the Sea of ​​Guadeloupe, the State mobilized this year the nautical means of the National Navy (support building and assistance overseas BSAOM "Dumont D'Urville") and the National Gendarmerie Nautical Brigade: no offense has been reported. In addition, assistance was provided by the "Dumont D'Urville" to a racing vessel engaged with a course buoy.

For its part, the SNSM of Saint Martin did not have to intervene on a race event sensu stricto.

Finally, the manager of the national natural reserve of Saint Martin carried out, before each race, a tracking of the course in order to look for the presence of cetaceans, in order to warn the race direction if necessary.

The authorities take the opportunity to congratulate the large public for their good citizenship.

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