SAFETY: With the approach of the high tourist season, the SNSM of Saint-Martin invites all sea users to be careful


Indeed, many sea lovers will enjoy the beaches again and take to the open sea for a trip to the sea or through the practice of nautical activities.

The SNSM therefore urges boaters, swimmers and water sports enthusiasts to be careful: engine damage, drifting boats, lost kayakers, diving accidents, stranded sailboats, swimmers or even kit-surfers in difficulty, etc.

With the arrival of the high tourist season, our interventions multiply. So stay vigilant and check your equipment carefully before setting sail!


Protect yourself, protect us!

In addition to this press release, the SNSM of Saint-Martin also informs you of the creation of a shop of various products stamped "SNSM". So, if you want to support the financing of our volunteer sea rescue actions, don't hesitate to come and discover this new corner-shop at the SNSM premises located opposite the Marina Fort-Louis, next to the restaurant of the Diving board, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

These dedicated products will surely give you many gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

The profits from these sales are of course entirely devoted to the operating costs of the Saint-Martin SNSM station and its two nautical means.

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