RESCUE AND FIRST AID: The lifeguards of the Saint-Martin SNSM always ready to intervene day and night!


On Sunday February 12, in close collaboration with the French First Aid Association (AFPS), around ten  Volunteer lifeguards from the Saint-Martin SNSM attended the annual level 1 and 2 team first aid retraining.

Like every year, these refresher courses validate and allow rescuers to stay at the forefront of new techniques.

After a busy morning with reminders and training related to life-saving techniques, the afternoon was devoted to simulation exercises.

Rescuers at sea oblige, it is naturally on board boats, amicably made available to the SNSM by the company "Tropical Boat" based at the Marina Royale, that the practical cases took place: loss of consciousness, heavy falls inside the cockpit, fractures, evacuations and stretchers, nothing was spared to the rescuers.

The SNSM of Saint-Martin takes this opportunity to warmly congratulate the trainers of the French Association of First Aid for their skills and know-how.

Thank you also to the volunteers for having devoted their Sunday to retraining and thus remaining operational. Congratulations to you.

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