RESCUE: Annual maintenance of the high seas speedboat SNS 129 “Notre Dame de la Garoupe”


For more than a week, the high seas cruiser SNS 129 “Notre Dame de la Garoupe” has been in drydock for its annual maintenance.

Like every year, volunteers from the Saint-Martin SNSM station give their time and energy to maintain the boats. The next few weeks will therefore be devoted to a complete cleaning of the hull, the carrying out of the antifouling, the scraping and cleaning of the propellers as well as the repair and painting of the cleats.

During this drydock, a minor impact in the forward part of the hull will also be repaired and the watertightness of the floor will also be checked and redone. After a complete check of the engines and the armament, the launch will be put back into service and operational for the high tourist season.

Thank you to the volunteers for the work and their involvement, congratulations to them!

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