Sargassum: Nets will be laid to limit strandings


During the next season, the arrival of sargassum should be controlled. The community and the prefecture plan to set up roadblocks in two places.

The first site concerned will be the bay of Cul de Sac, favoring the pier to get to the islet of Pinel. The second site will be the Baie de l'Embouchure. This is to block the entry of algae into the fish pond and thus limit contamination of the mangrove.

On these two sites considered strategic in economic and environmental terms, the nets will be installed near the coast to create a diversion. The nets must be manufactured and the production time is estimated between two and three months. They will thus be placed in stride.

"The objective is to be ready for the start of the next season", indicates the secretary general of the prefecture.

The total amount of the acquisition is around 55 euros. As for the cost of operation and maintenance, it is 000 euros per year. The State will provide financial support to the COM within the framework of the national Sargassum plan.




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