HEALTH: A team from the Rennes Cancer Center at the Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital Center


After more than a year of opening, the chemotherapy unit managed by Doctor Marie Laruelle is facing an upsurge in the number of patients to be cared for, which greatly exceeds the activity forecast. Faced with this observation, a team from the Eugène Marquis Center located in Rennes was invited to the Saint-Martin unit to carry out an audit to improve the service.

Located in Rennes, the Eugène Marquis Center is one of the eighteen Centers for the Fight Against Cancer (CLCC) located in France, part of the Unicancer Federation, which opens an overseas unicancer group whose goal is to help and to support access to care in overseas territories. As Doctor Marie Laruelle explains to us, the number of patients in the oncology unit continues to increase: "I dare say fortunately because it shows that the need for this unit was real on the island, but unfortunately because it proves that there are more and more people suffering from cancer on Saint-Martin than we thought. As much as the pharmacy has succeeded in adapting in an exemplary way since the launch of the unit and I want the quality of their work to be supported and recognized, both on the clinical side in the care of patients and in the treatment unit, we found ourselves faced with major difficulties in terms of paramedical resources, whether nurses or supportive care, or because of being alone and not being able to devote enough time to patients, properly and humanly. It is in this context that I called on the anti-cancer center of Rennes so that it could help me to ensure the turning point, to manage the growth of the activity and to perpetuate it”. Thus, Doctor Pracht, oncologist, and Mrs. Boulanger, nurse in advanced practice observed for more than a week the functioning of the center and met all the interlocutors concerned internally but also the liberal doctors of the island, the ARS , social security, the Saint Martin Santé association and the President of the Community. For Doctor Laruelle, the week has been rich: "We are working on the main lines of this collaboration, but the objectives are clearly to support oncology activity here, to consolidate the care pathways that already exist for treatment in Guadeloupe and Martinique when these are treatments that are not available on the island, openness to expertise for second opinions on files that require technical platforms or skills present in mainland France, a support and training support for medical and paramedical staff in the territory and assistance in the internal reorganization and restructuring of the activity, but also support in its development within the hospital or in collaboration with the city ​​for supportive care”. The audit thus made it possible to establish, beyond a very positive initial assessment, avenues for stabilizing the workforce in oncology or even refining a retroplanning for the establishment of a collaboration. This work will soon materialize with the signing of a partnership agreement between the management of the two establishments. _Vx

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