HEALTH: Meeting with Laurence Bouret, representative of the DASTRI eco-organization


As announced in our edition of January 9, Laurence Bouret, general delegate of the eco-organization DASTRI, was visiting Saint-Martin in order to become aware of the specificities of the territory in terms of waste management related to piercing medical devices and to present the figures for 2022.

The general delegate of the atypical eco-organization DASTRI, approved by the public authorities and entirely financed by health manufacturers (drug companies and manufacturers of medical devices), met the actors and associations of the territory in direct relation with the patients undergoing treatment requiring the use of a needle and therefore potential users of DASTRI devices (yellow box and purple box). The objectives are multiple: to improve the availability of the devices in question, to take into consideration the singularity of an island territory in terms of management of this type of waste and to innovate to reduce the environmental impacts and open the door to recycling. Having signed a new agreement under the sign of the circular economy until 2028, DASTRI provides patients in self-treatment and users of diagnostic self-tests with a simple, free and secure local solution for the elimination of sharp care waste that they produce at home and which poses a risk to the community, the famous yellow box and recently, the purple box intended for connected sharp medical devices (OMNIPOD insulin patch and blood glucose sensor to be changed every 15 days). During her meeting with Chantale Thibaut, president of the Saint-Martin Santé association which supports people with diabetes, hypertension and obesity, Laurence Bouret presented the figures relating to Saint-Martin. DASTRI devices are used by 1158 patients on the island and distributed free of charge by 11 pharmacies, also collection points. 1920 DASTRI yellow boxes were used by patients for 420 kilos of waste collected. The major problem of an island territory is storage. If this is assured for the next two and a half years, another alternative will have to be found in 2025. In addition, some pharmacies in Saint-Martin are unaware that purple boxes are in stock and available. As patients increasingly use connected devices (now reimbursed), it is important to ensure and facilitate the monitoring of this particular type of waste, in a process of refining territorial figures. Thanks to the numerous exchanges with health professionals, Laurence Bouret plans to organize online training on the yellow and purple boxes in order to raise the awareness of the actors to transmit more information to their patients. _Vx



Photo caption: Chantale Thibaut, president of the Saint-Martin Santé association, and Laurence Bouret, general delegate of DASTRI

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