HEALTH: The benefits of eating local and self-sufficiency


The Opale room of the CCISM was full during the conference on the Caribbean diet and renewable energies, given respectively by Doctor Henry Joseph and Gérald Bougrer.

Thanks to Sandrine Jaboulet-Delahaye who invited the two protagonists, the public was made aware of the importance of consuming locally for their own health but also for the Saint-Martin economy. Pharmacist and Doctor of Pharmacognosy committed to promoting "local consumption" and co-founder of the Phytobôkaz laboratory, which offers products whose active ingredients are drawn from the ultramarine flora, Dr. Henry Joseph made a worrying observation during his introduction " we are in the process of making the 1st generation which is likely to live less long than its parents”. With 220 edible and local plant species including 130 fruits, 60 vegetables, 20 tubers and around ten nuts and seeds, our biodiversity can cover all of our nutritional and food needs. For the health professional, "today in Saint-Martin, it is a question of making health a life project, instead of making illness a nightmare": favoring local and fresh products, planting and eat peas (pwa) with a high protein content, eat fish 3 to 4 times a week which benefits from higher intakes of unsaturated fats, choose foods with a low glycemic index unlike junk food responsible for diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the West Indies.

The Caribbean diet preserves future generations who will live longer and healthier lives.  Gérald Bougrer, promoter-inventor of the Une Guadeloupe d'avance Geothermal project of 4th hydraulic generation, addressed the needs of intramural agricultural production, while emphasizing green hydrogen. Produced by electrolysis of water, this renewable energy process involves passing an electric current through water to break down its molecules (H2O) and extract hydrogen. For him, exploiting, producing, consuming, selling and exporting our natural resources internationally is the solution. _Vx

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