HEALTH: Soon the return of an association for patients in Saint-Martin


During the Pink October action at the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital last Tuesday, the Amazones Guadeloupe association was present to participate in the breast cancer awareness, prevention and information campaign, but not only…

Thanks to Rachel Begarin, beautician and liberal nurse, two representatives of Amazones Guadeloupe, Carina Guillaume, the president, and Erika Jacoby, volunteer, came to Saint-Martin to lend their expertise in the prevention and screening of breast cancer. . This association, created in July 2019, supports women who have suffered or are in remission from cancer as well as their loved ones and also to raise awareness and inform about female cancer in Guadeloupe and overseas territories. For Doctor Marie Laruelle, head of the oncology department at the Center Hospitalier Louis Constant Fleming, the presence of these two women is a wonderful opportunity to discuss together the creation of an association for patients in the territory of Saint-Martin. : "In addition to our Rose October well-being morning, Carina and Erika also came up with the idea of ​​helping us to set up a patient association on the island, it is not yet active at the moment but it's one of the big projects we'd like to set up in the coming months. “Before Hurricane Irma, there was indeed a patient association in the territory, which was represented by the League Against Cancer, but the association's premises on the seafront in Marigot were completely destroyed. by the passage of the cyclone. A good part of the representatives of the associative structure went back to mainland France, this association therefore ran out of steam and ended up disappearing. Since then, the League against Cancer has not been represented in Saint-Martin, nor the Karukéra Onco network (Regional Cancer Network of Guadeloupe to which Saint-Martin is attached). Since then, there has been no patient association, no place where patients can have time to talk and talk, or receive information on everything related to cancer treatment. This problem is at the heart of the priorities of the hospital's oncology department. Still according to Doctor Marie Laruelle, “many patients in remission are asking to get involved and set up an association. It is with this in mind that Amazones Guadeloupe will support the oncology department to set up our own patient association managed and represented by patients. » _VX

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