HEALTH: 437 people live with AIDS in Saint-Martin


Monday kicked off Caribbean HIV Testing Week. Until Saturday, the actors involved in the promotion of sexual health and partners of COREVIH Guadeloupe / Saint-Martin / Saint-Barth are mobilized with the population who wishes to be tested, to learn about the challenges of screening and the prevention.

“Screening is a major tool in the response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Our Caribbean region remains the 2nd  region of the world most affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, 

says COREVIH, the regional coordinating committee for the fight against sexually transmitted infections and HIV. 

In Saint-Martin, according to a COREVIH study conducted in 2020, 437 people are living with AIDS, including 233 women and 204 men. 8 patients were screened in 2020 in Saint-Martin, five women and three men. The average age is 45, 49 for women and 33 for men. Two patients were detected at a late stage of the disease.

In 2018 and 2019, the number of new people screened was 15 and 13. The number of people living with AIDS in Saint-Martin is also falling. In 2019, COREVIH had identified 474 people compared to 523 in 2013. (

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