SANITARY: End of the EHAS form at Juliana airport from November 1, 2022


The Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor of Sint-Maarten, Omar Ottley, announced during a meeting with members of the Hospitality and Commerce Association (SHTA) that the travel restrictions arising from the Covid-19 health crisis would be lifted from November 1, 2022. This implies the de facto disappearance of the EHAS (electronic health authorization document) that each traveler had to complete online before leaving for Sint Maarten .

The lifting of health restrictions will remove all rules prohibiting non-essential travel for anyone wishing to vacation on Sint Marten or Saint-Martin. Travelers will only need to meet the usual immigration and border control requirements to visit the island.

The Minister of Public Health, however, specifies that even after the lifting of the measures, agents will be present in the arrival areas to ensure that travelers do not show worrying symptoms.

The Minister, Omar Ottley also pointed out that the Electronic Health Authorization System (EHAS) had provided valuable data to the Ministry of Tourism and the Government over the past two years. The new goal is to create a new system focused on targeted marketing strategies to attract more visitors to the island. _AF


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