Sandy Ground: making children aware of peace


Yesterday, students from Aline Hanson elementary school in Sandy Ground marched through the streets of the white district, armed with banners, to say no to the delinquency that reigns in Saint Martin.   

The Aline Hanson school is the only elementary school in Saint Martin that is part of the UNESCO Associated Schools network, with 10.000 educational institutions across 181 countries. In the name of peace and solidarity, those responsible for the establishment did not hesitate to set up this peaceful march. According to Madame Dermeaux, UNESCO delegate in Saint-Martin, this walk is a way for them to make the students actors in the fight against violence. The first edition was also a success. “The officials noticed a lot of changes in the behavior of the school's young schoolchildren. They want to perpetuate this peace march so that it becomes an essential civic event on the island, ”she explains. _KL


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