The 2020 hurricane season begins on June 1: Get ready now!

As every year from June 1, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélémy enter the hurricane season and are subject to hurricane risks. The public authorities wish once again to recall the need for everyone's commitment in the preparation of the island, in order to guarantee our security.




You will find all the instructions to download at the bottom of the page

Individual and collective preparation

Before the hurricane season, everyone must read the imperative safety instructions:
- cleaning of his living space, (pruning and decluttering his land, evacuating his waste),
- overhaul of his home,
- knowledge of vigilance levels
- emergency kit, water and food reserves,
- choice of a secure fallback location
A summary flyer of these safety instructions has been published by the Collectivity and can be downloaded from its website (www.com-saint-martin.fr) and at the end of this press release.
Also, a flyer, in the form of a "check list", has been published to facilitate your preparation and the constitution of your emergency kit. It can be consulted on the websites of the Prefecture and the Collectivity (www.saint-barth-saint-martin.pref.gouv.fr and www.com-saint-martin.fr).
The media, which play a major role in disseminating information, are invited to relay them.

Alerting populations

Crucial point in the management of a crisis, the alert is made by multiple channels, tested several times:
- By an SMS alert from the Prefecture towards communities, all institutional and regional players, via an SMS alert, emanate from the Collectivity, in its role of relaying the alert, to people who would like to subscribe to it.
- Physical alert: the territory has been divided into sectors, with those responsible for alerting in these areas via vehicle patrols: Gendarmerie, Border Police, Territorial Police as well as the use of megaphones and pre-recorded alert messages in French, English, Spanish and Haitian Creole
- On social networks via the Facebook pages of the Prefecture or the Collectivity, via the Twitter account of the Prefecture or even via the My Saint-Martin application developed by the Collectivité.
- By local media via sending press releases. The media are an essential information relay for the population in the context of the top-down alert.

Conduits and shelters

The instructions for the conduct to be followed at the various levels of cyclone vigilance are also available on the websites of the Prefecture and the Community.
As a reminder, 7 shelters with a capacity of 1500 places are fairly distributed across the territory.
The list of these shelters as well as the occupancy instructions for them can be viewed on the Community's website and the My Saint-Martin application.
The Prefecture and the Community jointly wish to remind the population to find out about the shelter closest to their home and to respect this choice of proximity to limit the risks of under-capacity of certain shelters in the event of a crisis.

Census of vulnerable people

We are required to establish a register of names of elderly and isolated people and people with reduced mobility or disabilities, the exclusive purpose of which is to allow targeted intervention with these people in the event of a cyclonic phenomenon.
A press release calling for the census of these people is available on the website of the Community.

Island cleaning

The Collectivity of Saint-Martin appeals to your professionalism and asks you to take all the necessary measures to remove green waste, bulky, all waste that could be dangerous in the event of strong winds to the Grandes Cayes eco-site and to secure all your sites (crane, containers, various equipment) in anticipation of a cyclonic phenomenon.
Citizenship and the sense of responsibility of all those concerned by the implementation of these security measures are called upon. A press release for professionals can be viewed on the Community's website.
No wild deposit can be tolerated on the announcement of the notice of passage of a cyclone.
The Collectivity also reminds that it is possible to remove, free of charge, an end-of-life vehicle on private property by first contacting the environment department located in the premises of the former hospital with the registration document of the vehicle. The dedicated sheet to authorize the removal of an end-of-life vehicle is available on the website of the Collectivity.

Communicated to the attention of owners or custodians of vessels

As soon as an ORANGE vigilance is announced for a meteorological event confirmed by the competent authorities, it will be up to the owners or guardians of ships, who do not have the possibility of securing ships or other property located on the public maritime domain, to have these vessels or other property leave the area.
When VIOLETTE vigilance is announced, thus announcing strict confinement, any movement will be strictly prohibited.
A decree was issued to this effect on May 26, 2017, is displayed in particular in marinas, at the Maritime Station, at the Port of Galisbay and can be viewed on the Collectivity website.
The Simpson Bay lagoon is not considered a shelter and past phenomena have largely demonstrated this to us.
In all cases in the event of an alert being triggered, the vessels must maintain permanent listening to VHF channel 16 as well as weather information.
The owners or custodians of ships will be solely responsible for damage to their property or damage caused by their property on the facilities in the port area and on any other facility, public or private, located on the coast.
The public authorities, State and Community, have a coordinated action in the preparation of this season. They are mobilized and ready. Everyone should therefore ensure this preparation at their level: cleaning, emergency kit, overhaul of their home, awareness of vigilance levels.
Everyone must feel concerned by these instructions and be involved in their safety.

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  1. Olivier May 28, 2020 at 18:53 pm Reply

    And it goes how with all the buildings devastated by Irma and which remained in their juice and which remain bombs for the surroundings. In Oyster Pond, as surely in other places on the island, there are a lot of buildings with gutted roofs and sheets that move with every gust of wind. It is clear that the owners must have received the insurance, but the fact remains that nothing has changed. .. for now, hoping not to see all these projectiles pass over our heads.

  2. Laurent 2 June, 2020 at 18:00 am Reply

    Besides the dilapidated houses of Irma, if there was still to be a new Irma…. Will the gendarmes allow the looting and theft and attacks without intervening? Easier to be at a roundabout with nothing to do and to put a pv than to ensure the protection of the population which pays their wages. !!!!!!!!

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