1 kilos of cocaine seized by the surveillance frigate Ventôse in the Caribbean


In fishing boats, in fast boats ... the Ventôse surveillance frigate of the French Navy brought back 1 kilograms of cocaine in its nets. An operation carried out on an international scale in the Caribbean zone.

Placed under French command, the surveillance frigate Ventôse of the French Navy returned to Fort-de-France on February 23, 2020.
She led an operational mission of several weeks devoted to the fight against drug trafficking in the Caribbean zone.

In his nets 1 kilos of cocaine

During this mission, more than 1300 kilos of cocaine, transported by all types of ships (fishing boats, fast boats, etc.) were intercepted.

The Ventôse and its Panther on-board helicopter were occasionally supported by French and Allied resources. In particular, the patrol boats La Combattante and La Résolue as well as the Falcon 50 maritime patrol aircraft.
The fight against drug trafficking in the Antilles is part of a very strong dynamic of regional cooperation with European (France, United Kingdom, Netherlands) and American partners, organized around an American cooperation structure (Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATF-S) based in Key West, Florida).

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