“Saint-Martin Uni”: a great outpouring of solidarity to help the most disadvantaged


During this Christmas period, the Saint-Martin UNI Association wishes to warmly thank all those people who, by leaving the island, emptying a cupboard or donating rather than selling, have worked for the good cause since the end of confinement. and who always continues: "GIVE TO HELP"!

These young, less young or much older people were a transgenerational outpouring of love for our island.

All of what was given to us was offered to vulnerable families or people identified during the maraudes, or redistributed to our partners to help the most disadvantaged ...

We take this opportunity to thank these partners:

The mantle, Hyphen, Sandy Ground on the Move Insertion, The Good Samaritan, United Heart, Temple of Concordia, Temple of Agrement, Temple Albert Hilton, French Quarter Methodist Church… ”

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