Saint Martin again paralyzed!


The “second PLU” has arrived: Wednesday, the national road of Saint-Martin was partially blocked. The occupancy contracts of certain carbets-restaurants in Orient Bay are the main cause of this paralysis, poisoning the lives of residents and tourists who come for the electro music festival.

On Wednesday morning, the population was once again taken hostage: the blockade of Saint-Martin concerning the PLU is still in everyone's memory. Impossible to get around by car due to blockages on the main road, near Orient Bay and Orleans District. It doesn't matter. In this area, walking was king. In order to inform the media, the prefecture regularly issued press releases concerning the progress of the situation. On social media, residents' anger exploded towards the protesters. In the morning, the prefect Anne Laubies offered them to organize a meeting on March 15, in the presence of the Collectivity and the collective “Saint Martin wake up”. Proposal declined. Finally, the prefect received them at the prefecture in the afternoon to provide an update on their complaints. At the time of our closure, the national road was still blocked.


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