Saint-Martin finds colors! Seven is said to be a lucky number


The number 7 is said to bring good luck. It could be that his namesake, Sète, is the one that brings a little cheerfulness, joy, and what Saint Martin still needs to turn the painful page of Cyclone Irma: bright colors.

Leave Sandy Ground and head towards Baie Rouge, you will notice this wall that protects the border of the Mercure Hotel. The owner of the place, Baki Arbia, will be able to be proud of an artistic achievement carried out with Christian Jurand, famous gallery owner, around whom artists-painters came together to form in 2013 the “Circle of the Arts”. As you will see, each artist originally expresses a moving thought, sometimes even instinctive.

The Wall of Arts

This is the name given to this artistic project. Christian Jurand, present in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barth for thirty years, is originally from Sète. This city in the SE of France, known to fans of Brassens and Soulages, welcomes many artists, often of international stature like those present this week here in Saint-Martin, today all valued in the European and northern artistic milieu. American.

7 + 2 = 9

These are 9 artists-painters from Sète, at least from the heart, engaged in a masterpiece which wishes to be a translation into the facts of the maxim, by way of recommendation, of Leonardo da Vinci: "Always make your painting a openness to the world ”.

These painters in action want to build this imaginary and lasting bridge between their island of Sète and the island of Saint-Martin.

On this exterior fresco of the Mercure Hotel, a sort of patchwork, universal themes are expressed that you will discover with pleasure. All this is therefore only a first stone in this edifice which is the reconstruction of Saint-Martin.

The idea goes well beyond this project for the Mercure Hotel. “We have come to rebuild. We feel that things are going to happen. We all work for the long term, ”insists Christian Jurand.

Ambition and transformation

You are no doubt familiar with "L'Escale des Îles", this fisherman's house which until now hosted paintings by local artists. Anupama, the “gallery owner”, is keen to participate in this movement initiated by the “Cercle des Arts” in Sète, in this new surging wave but much more peaceful, opening its doors to an exhibition whose opening will take place next Friday at 17:00 pm.

"I appreciate to have these artists in my gallery," she proudly acknowledges.

The artists of the “Wall of Arts” will be able to present some of their works there. To evoke more the presence than the passage, the gallery will also be called “Le Cercle des Arts FWI”.

Now it's up to you, readers, to explore the “Wall of Arts” of the Hotel Mercure as well as this exhibition space.

The nine artists to have invested in the "Wall of Arts" project that others have since joined (an Italian and a regular in Saint-Martin): Aldo Biascamano, André Cerveran, Christophe Cosentino, Frédéric Périmon, Jean-Jacques François, Lucas Mancione, Marc Duran, Philippe Loubat, Sliman Ismaili Alaoui. _JB

Exhibition open to all:

23, Boulevard de France (in front of the Marigot Market) - Tel: +33 5 90 87 26 08 - Current Facebook page: Escale des Îles Gallery


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