Saint-Martin celebrates World Tourism Day


The Tourist Office, in partnership with the Arts and Culture service of the Collectivity, marked this day of celebration which took place all over the world on September 27, on the theme “Rethinking tourism”.

Since 1980, on the initiative of the World Tourism Organization, World Tourism Day aims to contribute to raising awareness of the importance of tourism on the social, cultural, political and economic levels. As in many regions of the world, in Saint-Martin tourism remains the lung of the territory. The Tourist Office, in collaboration with the Arts and Culture department of the COM, therefore offered a great celebration in order to raise awareness among the population about the promotion of our destination.

Emblem of our cultural and gastronomic identity, symbol of sharing in Saint-Martin families, the Journey Cake was at the heart of the celebrations on Sunday, September 25 in Colombier, where workshops were held led by the Nature Valley association.

About forty people were able to take advantage of this moment of conviviality offered by the Collectivité, free of charge, to discover or rediscover the culinary know-how symbolized by the preparation of this traditional roll.

Communication and pedagogy

On Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 September, the Tourist Office launched a communication campaign on radio waves. Partners were invited to debate on the theme proposed by the World Tourism Organization: “Rethinking tourism”. This was an opportunity for the speakers to share their thoughts: how to rethink tourism? Why ? Is it a necessity?

On Tuesday, September 27, an “Open Doors” day was offered at the headquarters of the Tourist Office, rue du Général de Gaulle in Marigot. Professionals and the general public were invited to better understand the functioning of this public establishment, to discover the actions carried out on the various tourist markets as well as the many trades that work in a tourist office.

The partnership sealed between the Tourist Office and the Arts & Culture service of the Collectivity is intended to remind that the cultural promotion of the territory remains an essential aspect of the tourist promotion, and that the influence of our destination implies the mobilization of local associations. and the whole population.

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