RUNNING NIGHT: The sponsors' evening officially launches the 2022 edition


This Wednesday, December 7 in the evening, the association Watt de 9, organizer of the Running Night, invited the sponsors and the local press to a meeting in order to present the 2022 edition around an aperitif dinner at the Yacht Club of Marigot.

This year, there will be new features in the Running Night program which will be held this Friday, December 9 with the relay race for adults with already 47 registered teams and on Saturday, December 10 for the relay race with children. Registrations for the latter are already closed with 500 young participants between 3 and 12 years old, always completely free of charge, a principle dear to the organization. Each child will also receive a gift and a medal after the effort.

1000 medals have been achieved so that each runner, young or old, is rewarded, no loser at Running Night. Another change for the 2022 edition is the inclusion of teams of people with reduced mobility. During the evening of the sponsors where the professionals of metropolis, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin were able to meet and exchange together after the presentation made by Francky Fazer, president of the association Watt de 9 and his daughter, Leyla Fazer, director, the floor was given to Chantale Thibaut, director of the Saint Martin Santé association, who is delighted to coordinate five of her senior members who have formed a team, with a doctor as captain, to take part in the relay race which has become famous. Aged 59 to 72 for the dean, the five runners who are members of Saint Martin Santé will ignore their pathology to give the best of themselves, they have been training hard for weeks. Whether you are a senior, suffering from diabetes with insulin pump treatment, hypertension, Parkinson's disease, stroke victim or wearing a prosthesis following an amputation, nothing will stop this wonderful team from Saint Martin Health to compete in their measure at this great sporting event. A team from the Manioukani clinic will also be there with the firm will to complete the complete circuit, a great lesson in courage and determination. Running Night, a registered trademark since 2015, has a sponsorship budget of €74.700 which was detailed during the evening this Wednesday, in complete transparency. Requiring a year of preparation, Running Night honors Saint-Martin and its inhabitants, while being proof that sport brings people together, without discrimination, in a spirit of celebration and solidarity. _Vx

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