Rugby: Archiball on all fronts!


Different categories of the Archiball club disputed several competitions last weekend over the whole of the Caribbean.

First, the Archigirls opened hostilities in Guadeloupe to participate in their first tournament of the season at Abymes.

For some, it was their first rugby games and, moreover, outside their stronghold in Saint-Martin.

During their first meeting, they had to bow logically to the Good Luck Gosier 25-0 before recovering in the best possible way against Goyave (27-0). Finally, against the Bruc, the young Saint-Martin delivered a good performance despite the 25 to 10 defeat.

"The girls showed a great state of mind throughout the tournament," said coach Jérôme Dubernet. Their room for improvement is still significant. It is through this type of meeting that the girls will accumulate beneficial experience for future events ”.

The next meeting for the Archigirls is set for March 30th during the "Gigi Piquet" tournament organized on the sister island of Saint-Barth.

U16 and seniors 

on the move in Saint-Barth 

The U16 (selection from the Northern Islands including the Archiball and the Barracudas) won in front of their Guadeloupean counterparts from Bastruc on the mark from 22 to 12. They will play first place in the standings this Saturday against Gosier's Good Luck on the field from Bellevue. Kick-off at 11am!

The seniors meanwhile bowed logically against the Barracudas of Saint-Barth 43 to 14.

Faced with an opponent to the collective already well oiled, the Archiball posted however great progress in the game. Auspicious for the rest of the events! _AF

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